Digital Dump

Over the last two years I have documented countless sessions and roadtrips with my friends. It was all captured with no purpose at the time really, I just enjoy being behind the camera. And like most videographers, I let it build up into hundreds of gigs of footage.

I had a week off of work between Christmas and New Years, and heard a few songs that inspired me to go back through all of that footage, so I decided to utilize that time off to combine all of my favorite sessions and clips into one video that sums up the last two years of BMX with my friends.

The title "Digital Dump" came to mind after my friends were always commenting on how much "shit" i have hidden away on all of my hard-drives. Most of the riding is in Michigan, but it has footage of a few roadtrips to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and a few other random BMX destinations,

2012 Ocean-City Maryland | Dew Tour Gifs

I threw together a site with a bunch of gifs from the Ocean City stop of the Dew Tour. Be patient, gifs take a while to load.

Check em out.

Ben Bissett's BMX BFF Bash II

Every year Ben invites everyone out to ride his ramps, and every year it is a blast. It's so much fun to ride with people from all over the place that you either rarely see, or maybe have never met.

Riders include: Ben Hittle, Tyler Burkhart, Aaron Freedman, Ryan Ruhl, Kyle Iwanicki, Eric Butler and Ben Bissett.

70% Precipitation, 100% Intoxication, Austin TX Roadtrip

Nick Brady, Luke Swab and I recently took a roadtrip from Michigan down to visit Scotty G and Ryan Doll down in Austin, TX.

It rained the majority of the time, which blows because there is no indoor bmx joint. We were only able to ride a small fraction of what Austin has to offer. So that just means we would start drinking earlier, way earlier, hence the title of the video.

Regardless Austin is always a blast, here are some of the clips we managed to snag during those few time periods of dry weather and sobriety. Enjoy.

Electric Forest 2012

I threw together some of the stuff I filmed from the 2012 Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan. Please excuse the audio, it's recorded live from Girl Talks set though. Enjoy.

Ben Bissett's BMX BFF Bash

Adam Yarbrough, Jesse Neil, Tony Davis, Andy Pulling, Luke Swab, and Eric Butler head down to Mercer PA to ride Ben Bissett's ramps.

As the Mug Turns

Pencil video for "The D Show" (A detroit advertising award show).


Colloaboration (Marcus Morabito) pencil video for "The D Show" (A detroit advertising award show).

Charlotte in March?

I cant remember when the last time it was warm in enough in March to make the 110 mile hike from Detroit to the Charlotte park (most likely never). So i filmed/edited a quick video of the session.

Cory Yarbrough, Zero Gravity session

Cory Yarbrough (one of the last riders to still wear regular fitting jeans, and rock front and back brakes) called me to come and ride Zero Gravity Skatepark in Waterford, MI, with him before he was leaving Michigan for a few months. It had been a while, and I was surprised at all the new lines he was doing, so I decided to film and make an edit of it.

note: this place is lovingly referred to as Zero Traction instead due to the large amount of dust that covers the ramps, and all around slipperyness that is Zero Gravity.

2010 Chattanooga TN roadtrip

Luke Swab, Tyler Burkhart and myself take a roadtrip to Chattanooga to get away from the cold weather in Michigan and ride some street and make a trendy bmx video.

Dane Wild & Luke Swab EXCLUSIVE split edit

Groundbreaking street riding from Dane Wild and Luke Swab.

Cory Yarbrough | BMX cribs

Cory Yarbrough gives us a tour of the infamous "Yarbrough Compound"

[side note about the video] I filmed all of this in one day right after i got my new camera, and finally got around to editing it.

Burger Etiquette 101

The ladylike way to heat & eat a hamburger at the Chicago Hilton (what happens when your hotel room does not have a microwave).